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Understanding Your Online Moving Quotes

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Gathering moving quotes before hiring a long-distance moving company is a smart thing to do. These online quotes are helpful in determining and comparing moving costs across various moving companies.

At United Van Lines, we strive to provide accurate moving quotes in a timely manner so you can move forward confidently with the decision-making process. That’s why we’ve compiled what you need to know about moving quotes.

Factors in Getting an Accurate Moving Quote

There are many factors which influence the price and accuracy of your moving quote. Understanding this process and providing accurate information are critical to getting the right price:

  1. Move date and season
    When you move can impact the cost of your move. Moving demands during May through September are at peak, thus, can drive up your cost. If you have the flexibility, ask your moving company if there are certain timeframes that may be more cost-effective for you.
  2. Distance of your move
    The distance between your old and new home can influence your moving quote price. Expect to have a higher cost the further the distance to your move destination.
  3. Number of bedrooms you have
    Generally, the number of bedrooms or the size of your home can help moving companies get an idea about the number of items you have. For example, someone who lives in a studio apartment likely has fewer belongings than someone who lives in a fully furnished three-bedroom home.
  4. Weight of your belongings
    Some moving quotes are calculated on weight; therefore, heavier items may lead to higher moving quotes. Many movers even set their charges based on a minimum weight. This is sometimes one of the most overlooked factors that is used to calculate your moving quote.
  5. Moving Add-Ons
    Large moving companies like United Van Lines offer a wide variety of add-on services include packing and unpacking, TV mounting, debris pickup, and more to enhance your moving experience. These often come with additional cost.
  6. Moving Protection
    The level of moving protection – i.e., what your mover’s liability will be in the event of unforeseen loss or damage to your belongings – that you select can change the cost of your moving quote. All interstate movers are required to offer a minimum amount of moving protection to customers, also known as valuation.
    United includes its basic Full-Value Protection in every initial quote. However, you can also elect a less-expensive “Minimum Protection” option and/or purchase additional amounts of Full Value Protection if you choose.
  7. Storage Costs
    Depending on the complexity of your move, you may need short or long- term storage. Including storage as part of your long-distance move will increase your moving quote. Check with your moving companies if they offer storage.

Types of Moving Quotes and Estimates

When comparing moving company quotes, it’s common to see more than one type of estimate being used.

Instant Ballpark Quotes

An instant ballpark quote is a very rough estimate that is based on the limited information that you provide to a moving company. It may not be the actual price that you will pay. Use instant ballpark moving quotes as a starting point in gauging your moving costs.

Moving Quotes or Moving Estimates

A moving quote or moving estimate is more involved compared to an instant ballpark quote. Moving quotes require you to provide more information to the moving company and for the mover to view the items in your home that you need to have moved.

United offers both in-home and virtual walk-throughs so that estimators can see your belongings, the layout of your home and the areas in which the movers will enter and exit your home. During these walk-throughs, estimators review any special requirements that you may have and answer your questions and concerns. Soon after your walk-through, you’ll receive your official moving quote.

Getting Moving Quotes from United

Step 1: Request a Quote Online
Click here and enter your moving dates, origin zip code, destination zip code, type of home and contact information.

Step 2: Schedule Your Survey
A United representative will call you to confirm your move details, discuss your needs and schedule a survey of the belongings that you would like to move.

Step 3: Survey of Your Belongings
An estimator will survey your items and help you build a moving services plan that fits your needs, budget and timeline. You will then receive your moving quote.

Step 4: Plan Your Move
Once you decide to move forward with United, your personal move coordinator will walk you through the process and provide tips, tools and resources to help you plan your move.

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