Give Your Home a Fresh Face (Without Breaking the Bank) 

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Is the living space you’re moving into a bit uninspiring? Well, there might be an upside since your new home gives you an opportunity to revisit your furniture arrangements to create better flow, add accent colors with decorative accessories, or repurpose items you already have in clever ways. Even better, you don’t need a huge budget or professional designer for a fresh new look (and outlook). Remember, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference.  

Let’s go room by room with a few tips and tricks to help you energize spaces that could probably use a pick-me-up.  

First, Deep Clean and Declutter 

Getting rid of dust-catching knickknacks — and dust in general — is the first place to start. So you don’t get overwhelmed, focus on decluttering one area or even one drawer at a time before moving on to the next. Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors, dust ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Rent or borrow a rug shampooer to clean carpets and area rugs. With a little time and perseverance your home will feel fresher, more open and become a proper foundation for whatever rejuvenation projects you want to tackle. For more decluttering tips and tricks, check this out

Break Out Brushes, Rollers and Your Imagination 

For the cost of a few gallons of paint you can transform just about any room in your home. Stick to the same color family in different rooms for cohesion or create an accent wall for impact. Keep in mind that neutral, warm tones like tan, light gray or off-white will help make the space feel more open and brighter. Then switch up your decor. Move art, mirrors, shelves, and accessories to new spots. Rotate items from other rooms. Lastly, bring nature inside by incorporating potted plants, flowers or greenery.  

Make Your Kitchen More Appetizing 

Update hardware. Replace outdated cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with modern brushed nickel or matte black hardware. This small change can give your kitchen a stylish new vibe. Incorporate decorative accents like patterned dish towels, colorful pottery, a rustic fruit bowl or string lights. These touches add warmth and visual interest without a big investment. Move appliances, cabinets and countertops around to open up the space. Get rid of anything broken or that you do not use. A rearranged, decluttered kitchen will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Install a backsplash. An easy-to-install peel and stick backsplash can transform your kitchen for $200 or less. Look for a stone or marble effect in a neutral colorway. Place the backsplash behind the stove and countertops for maximum impact. If your countertops are damaged or dated, consider an affordable replacement like butcher block, laminate, or concrete 

Give the Bathroom A Splash of Dash 

Swap outdated doorknobs and cabinet pulls with stylish matte black, brushed nickel or satin brass finished fixtures. Replace dingy shower curtains with a crisp new set. Add a plush bathmat, coordinating towels, and small accents like art, greenery and bath salts. Need some more storage space? Mount floating shelves for your grooming and bathing items and a rack on the back of the door for towels and robes. 

A large mirror helps brighten a small bathroom and creates the illusion of more space. For a custom look, frame out a mirror with wood trim to match your cabinetry or flooring. Place the mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light. 

Wake Up Your Bedroom  

A set of new bedding is an easy way to completely transform the look and feel of your space. Choose a duvet cover and shams in a solid color or simple pattern, then add accent pillows for pops of color and pattern. Play around with different colors, textures and patterns to create the look you want. New lamps or string lights can make a dramatic difference too. Find budget-friendly options at secondhand stores, a big box retailer or order online. Swap out harsh overhead lighting for table and floor lamps to create cozy, ambient lighting. 

An area rug helps define the space, adds warmth underfoot and pulls the room together. For very little money, you can find 5×7 or 8×10 rugs to place under the bed or in a seating area. Look for natural fiber rugs like jute, wool or cotton in a simple pattern. 

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