We’ll Move Your Bulky, Hard-to-Handle Outdoor Gear So You Don’t Have To

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While moving is never easy, partnering with an experienced full-service mover like United Van Lines definitely simplifies and streamlines the process. That’s especially true when you have bulky, heavy, awkward things to move, like a bike, canoe, kayak or even an RV.  

The good news is our high-touch expertise and ability to transport hard-to-move items — like outdoor gear — so you don’t have to, freeing you up to make a road trip out of your cross-country drive

If you’re moving during warm weather, you may want to keep some of these items with you. If snow is on the horizon and mountain roads are part of the equation? Odds are, you’ll want to leave the tough stuff to us. 

Backed by nearly 100 years of moving expertise, we’re experts at transporting your hard-to-handle cargo with a high-touch approach, we take extra care with your oddly shaped essentials so you don’t have to.  

Whether it’s a telescope for stargazing, photography equipment to wildlife wonders or your generator and solar panels for off-the-grid adventures, we have everything you don’t want to bring on your cross-country drive to your new home covered.  

With all that free space (and reduced hassle), it’s a great opportunity to embrace the open road, pausing to see some of the nation’s most gorgeous, pristine places, such as lands managed by the National Park Service. That way, you can match arriving at your new home with the day your belongings arrive. 

Our curated national park guides were designed for your pleasure, whether you want to stretch your legs and go for a hike to break up your drive or you’re ready to explore the outdoor amenities near your new home once your gear has been delivered to you. 

Check out our guides to get your wheels turning for a memorable road trip enroute to your new address — not to mention a weekend getaway or bigger exploration once you settle in: 

West Coast  






Do you want to explore your new digs or need help settling in? Our blog has not only moving tips and packing advice, but also guides of moving to another state and other helpful, timesaving and trend-driven information. 

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