Serenity Now: Turn Your Home Into a Tranquil Oasis

Homes are our safe spaces. Over the last few years, they’ve intermittently served as temporary schools, daycare centers, and home offices too. Complicating matters, home is also where we’re supposed to unwind — even on a “vacation.” It’s a tall order, to say the least. 

Since homes have in many ways become all things to all people, across generations, creating an oasis of calm is more important than ever. The good news is, turning your home into a peaceful sanctuary, one free of clutter and (avoidable) chaos, is within reach. 

Turn Your Bedroom into a “Hotel Room” 

A bedroom is more than a place to rest your head. It’s where you go to “get away from it all.” So, why not take cues from your favorite hotel? Whether you have a master suite or standard room, incorporate thoughtful touches that mimic the hotel experience, like bright-white, butter-soft sheets and towels, a seating arrangement, and luxury bath amenities.  

Our advice? Splurge on something like Atelier Bloem bath, body and skin care products from Kimpton Hotels. (We adore the bright, refreshing kadota fig scent, available in travel-size, full-size and in gift packs.) While you’re on the Kimpton site, you may want to check out the fun animal print, kimono and shawl-collar robes, too. 

For another pampering touch, fill a vase with fresh-cut flowers or opt for a longer-lasting, seasonal flowering plant. 

Aromatherapy Everywhere 

There are people who actually enjoy cleaning and those who don’t. Regardless, it has to be done. The next time cleaning day rolls around, skip the chemical-y stuff in favor of products laced with aromatherapeutic oils, and naturally derived ingredients. They’ll fragrance your home with spa-worthy results. 

Produced by Caldrea, the line from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is solid and affordable. Plus, the lemon verbena, lavender and radish scents smell divine. Even more sniffable is the Caldrea line itself. During the holiday season, though, we gravitate to gilded balsam birch. For everyday use, sea salt neroli is our jam. Another hands-down winner? The cleaning line from Murchison-Hume. The original fig is absolutely amazing, though the white grapefruit is lovely as well.  

On top of that, keep things fresh with companion fragrances, like room sprays, diffusers, and candles. Kimpton Style’s room diffuser is a worthy investment. While expensive, refillable cartridges are available, making it a wise, long-term gift (or yourself) that keeps giving. Using a dry-air approach and a built-in, programmable fan, it freshens approximately 800 square feet with a citrusy, spicy and earthy scent. 

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint 

A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look — and feel — of a room. Choose muted blues, greys, greens and aquas over lively reds, oranges and yellows to create a soothing respite. 

We like to enlist monochromatic — yet anything-but-boring — hues throughout our homes. That could translate into soothing aloe in your front room and powder room, beach glass in your dining room, silver satin in your kitchen, brittany blue in your foyer, palest pistachio on your living room walls, and quiet moments in your master bedroom.  

Perhaps you can’t tackle all of that painting at once, and that’s okay since painting can easily be done in spurts. That’s true whether you hire someone or do it yourself. If you can’t paint a room, never mind your whole house, consider painting furniture that could use a fresh coat. You’d be surprised what a difference it can make. 

Add Texture — and Plants — at Every Turn 

For a home that feels polished, purposeful and finished, incorporate natural materials, textured textiles and live plants with contrasting foliage. Speaking of live plants, hanging baskets draw the eye upward, giving a room a sense of height. Layering different materials, textiles, colors and even metals creates visual interest and depth while lending a polished feel. 

Another great idea. Try using woven baskets that double as storage, natural stone accents wherever you can, or an array of succulents to create a living wall. Rugs, throws and pillows can then follow suit.  

The bottom line? Matchy-matchy is out. And diverse, nuanced and contrasting materials, textures and tones — especially ones that are nature-derived — are in. Incorporating meaningful, personal details are the very thing that make your home feel like your own. 

Want some more ideas for settling into your abode? Or getting to know your new city? Be sure to check out our blog. 

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