Advice for When You’re Merging Two Households

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Blending two homes into one harmonious space can be challenging. You may be wondering how you’re going to combine your stuff, share space, and set up a routine together without driving each other crazy. You no doubt already agree upon a lot of things. That said, you probably have your own tastes and ways of doing things.  

Let’s set some parameters first. For this blog we’re dealing more with stuff versus the dynamics of bringing two families together under one roof. If you’re seeking guidance on this aspect of “blending,” we suggest books such as “Building Love Together in Blended Families,” which offer practical tips and advice. 

Start on an Even Playing Field 

You each come into the new home with your own preferences, routines, and ways of doing things. Finding common ground will make the transition smoother for everyone. 

Communication is key. Talk openly about your preferences for how you want your new shared space to function day to day. Start with a discussion around the must-haves and the deal breakers. Will you, your partner or both need a home office? Is having space for guests important? Is a separate space away from your partner an essential? How will you divide the various expenses involved with running a home? Get it all out on the table before you start unpacking.  

Downsize and Organize  

Both of you need to go room by room in your respective dwellings and evaluate what’s essential to keep. Be ruthless: if it’s been a year or more since you used something, donate or toss it. Take inventory of what you both have and decide which items are superfluous and which are keepers. Have a garage sale or donate to local charities. Compromise when you disagree. You might have to give in on some things for the sake of harmony. But for important issues, listen to each other and find solutions you both can live with.  

Agree on Responsibilities  

Chances are some of the things you and your partner like to do will be complementary tasks. Start by making a chore chart or schedule to keep you both accountable. If your partner’s better at tasks like lawn moving while you excel at organizing things, divide accordingly.  

Share decorating duties. Decide together on a style for each room, then split up tasks like hanging art, choosing accent pieces, and arranging furniture. That way you’ll both feel invested in how your place looks. Here are some tips for turning your new place into a peaceful getaway from it all.  

Find Creative Storage Solutions 

Use under-bed boxes, wall mounts, and vertical space for things you must keep. Designate zones for personal belongings so you each have your own space. While you’re at it check out some of our tips for decluttering before you move.  

Hire a Professional Moving Company  

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Do you need help settling in? Check out our other blogs for moving tips and packing advice, as well as city guides and a wealth of other helpful, time-saving information.  

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